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 Non-Kira related investigations

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Bio: Bio: Near is the younger of L's two successors raised in Wammy's House, Watari's orphanage for gifted children, in Winchester, England, United Kingdom. Of the successors, Near is more level-headed, calmly assessing the situation, while the other, Mello, is more emotional and quicker to act. Much like L, Near shows various odd behaviors during his normal life. He is usually seen hunched over rather than sitting. He also constantly plays with various toys, which he uses in his theories, as well as idly twiddling strands of his hair. He shows a great respect for L, basing much of how he solves crime on L's methods, even to the point where he only takes cases that he is interested with rather than trying to pursue justice

PostSubject: Non-Kira related investigations   Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:14 pm

AngeL, Mello and myself have agreed in this idea i have come up with. Therefore i will post this up to let everyone know about it.
Besides Kira, as we all know, in the world there are other crimes that are committed, such as murder, unsolved disappearance cases, and kidnappings as well as bank robberies and those are only a few examples.
This program will be run by free NPC criminals.
Anyone who wishes to be a criminal NPC to do a crime to be investigated must do the following.
1- in the criminal's thread, you must tell his or her name and any information on his appearance.
2-explain the criminal's background/motive reason for committing said crime and have fun.
Remember that every action you do, leaves behind a valuable piece of evidence, this will be used to find possible motives
and other possible suspects but, the SPK as well as the Task Force will find you in the end...that is, if Kira doesn't get to you first, keep in mind that if its a public crime, you may be on Sakura TV News Network, leaving you vulnerable to kira. Well, I believe that is all there is to tell, if you have any questions, you can PM me and I will reply back to you or post here if you can. Tell me what you think of my idea. Thank you, That is all,

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Non-Kira related investigations
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