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 Leik - The real story

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PostSubject: Leik - The real story   Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:50 pm

This is my manga/anime series i gave up on but here it is if anyone wants to read it.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea, are you sure you want to do this Vair?” Miea said as she is trying to convince Vair not to go into the next room, but it seems like he has made up his mind. He turned around to see her face for one last time, the tears rolling from her blindfold and hit the floor like a rock thrown into a lake. Slowly he began to walk to her, “But I have to do this and I must repair the sin’s I have caused” he said as he held her close to his chest. Miea could feel that he was right, but somehow it just wasn’t right to her, but she had to accept his choice. “I understand, but it doesn’t seem fair that is has to be this way” she said but no amount of actions or words were going to change his mind. He looked at her blindfold and couldn’t bare another second so he pulled it down to reveal her glazed green eyes empty from the hopeless tears, leaving room for her nightmares. When both of their eyes connected, both of them froze in a meaningful moment before coming in for a kiss.

With the sunshine shooting through the window, shining on Miea as a new day began. Her alarm clock went off and woke her from her dreams. She really missed him, but thinking about it couldn’t bring him back. Remaking her bed as she listened to the morning song of birds, she had to do something today, in remembrance of Him. Just as she finished getting dress for school, the phone started ringing. Her big sister wasn’t awake this early so Miea ran from the top of the stairs and slid down the rails. She picked up the phone from the stair case side table and asked, “Who is this?” She could hear screams and something like a choir of people in pain, but the voice seemed familiar, very familiar. The voice answered, “I can’t believe you don’t remember me, its been…” before it could finish, Miea finished the sentence with “2 years, 3 months and 27 days”. At that moment, a pleasant silence between both ends of the phone line was silent.

“Vair? Is that you?” Miea asked, as she was so surprised to hear his voice again. The voice didn’t reply at first but when Miea asked again, it said, “Vair is my true name, but my name is of nothing important to anyone”, with that Miea was confused. After that, the voice said happily “Its great to hear your voice again”, and with that it hung up. Miea slowly put the phone down and gave it a bit of thought. She didn’t know what to think, feel or do, she was stuck. But her big sister came down the stairs and saw Miea standing next to the phone, speechless. “Come on, today’s the last day of the term and your not staying home” her big sister Mikalae said and she then entered the kitchen and started to make a coffee. Miea was still stunned by the phone call but she managed to pull herself together and move on. Instead of sitting there thinking about what to do, she ran up stairs with one thought, ‘Its time to step out of the shadows’.

With the ringing of the school bell, Miea and her best friend Kydra ran to go to their next class, English. Running by the toilets, Miea wanted to tell Kydra what had happened to her this morning, but how couldn’t she. “Your late!” yelled their teacher as the entered the room. Miea had always been on time, but today was an exception. It came to lunchtime and Miea and Kydra decided to go into town for lunch. Walking on the pavement with the cherry blossoms blooming above their heads within the sunlight, Mysteria was indeed the most beautiful place to live. “Miea, you seem very quiet today, what’s the matter?” Kydra asked. Miea couldn’t answer that question directly because she didn’t know her self. Instead she turned to Kydra and smiled, “Is this better?” she asked and both of them laughed.
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Leik - The real story
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