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 Ashes to Ashes...

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Hunter Kieff


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PostSubject: Ashes to Ashes...   Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:19 am

Hunter smiles crookedly as he strolls about his old warehouse. His small petty possessions strewn randomly about the floor, dried blackened blood from pit fights. All of this behind him. He picks up the tank of petrol and begins walking around more, spilling the gasoline as he goes. From his make shift bunk, to his collection of family pictures. All family photos that included his father had a sticker on the to cover his face, or just scribbled out with a fountain pen. He chokes back the sobs as he picks up one picture of his little brother, Damien, before he died. His steel eyes full of life, and his perfect smile in the sun. He places this one picture in his pocket and leaves the gas tank at the entrance. Hunter strikes a match on a bit of sandpaper and tosses it in, burning everything to the ground.
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Ashes to Ashes...
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