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 Song-Cloud 9 (By me!)

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Bio: At the age of 4 his foster parents changed his name as they were detectives also but soon died which lead him back into the orphanage where he then studied law under many of the best private detectives. The detectives he studied under are the only ones that know his true name, Takumi Yoshi, but have erased all data of this. He had solved cases throughout Europe and has been voted best detective in the United Kingdom as he was raised there. Most of his cases have been numerous terrorist threats including bombings of big cities and numerous bank heists, all of which have been solved in a matter of weeks.

PostSubject: Song-Cloud 9 (By me!)   Mon May 31, 2010 8:44 am

All right, this song was inspired by the movie 'WALL-E' so i mixed it into the world as we know it today XD


I look at these towers of our disorder
And the sun can block out our city
There is always time for change

Let's build our new world in the skies
And stop living on the darker side
And my shadow will find itself


So let's take to the skies
And let's stand so close
And watch the world through our new kingdom
With our arms held wide
We will embrace
All those who wish they could have been with us


Together we will join our hands
And hope our prayers are answered
But friends are the ones wearing halos

What a beautiful sight to behold
That the lights of our hope
Are the keys to our new nation

Chorus X2
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Song-Cloud 9 (By me!)
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