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 Rules for Death Note Owners

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PostSubject: Rules for Death Note Owners    Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:06 am

To prevent any godmodding (cheating in rp, such as controlling another character's actions) here are a few rules to follow IF you are allowed a notebook.

1. Kiras will be limited to 5 (not including Misa and Light) so realize that if you want to be a Death Note Owner, you will send a Pm to an admin, telling them a believable reason/way how they attained the notebook. If it's not believable, then we won't accept you as a Death Note Owner. Also, being a Death Note owner does not necessarily mean that you have to be evil.

2. Do not kill anyone with your Death Note without their permissions. People (usually task force members will have aliases, knowing the danger with Kiras) Also, death is a consensual thing, both parties need to agree to allow death.Even if you have Shinigami eyes, you cannot just kill someone unless permission is asked.

3. If you have Shinigami eyes (and that itself will be a hard process to attain unless you are BB) you will have a limit to how far you can use it. Again it's consensual and while it's an ADVANTAGE in the story, it is/will not be used for GODMODDING.

I [or another administrator] will add more rules if necessary. Consequences include banning or deletion of your account if you break any of these rules.

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Rules for Death Note Owners
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